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#SXSW2014 No Wristbands. No Cover. All Local! @219WestATX

 219 WEST SXSW2014


 Wednesday 3/12
10:00-11:00 Westgate Revival
    9:00-9:45 Mount Pressmore
    8:30-8:45 YUMA
    7:00-7:45 Tucker Jameson
    6:30-6:45 Jessy Wadeson
    5:00-5:45 Drew Davis
    4:00-4:45 Savannah Red and the Blueberries

 Thursday 3/13
10:00-11:00 Magna Carda
    9:00-9:45 The Woozies
    8:00-8:45 Dawni McCray
    7:00-7:45 Edison Chair
    6:30-6:45 Taylor Baker
    5:00-5:45 Mariclaire Gamble
    4:00-4:45 Chris Strand
    3:00-3:45 Sons of Santos

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Do you know what Pico De Gallo Means? #PicoDeGallo #mexican

 Do you love Pico? but do you know what Pico De Gallo means?

In Mexican cuisine, pico de gallo (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpiko ðe ˈɣaʎo], literally rooster's beak), also called salsa fresca, is a fresh, uncooked salad made from chopped tomato, white onion, and chilis (typically jalapeños or serranos).
Pico de gallo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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