Google's Project Loon will cover the entirety of Sri Lanka with internet coverage

Project Loon is undoubtably one of the most "Google" projects that Google is working on — Wi-Fi being delivered by giant floating balloons is certainly a unique approach to getting internet to hard-to-reach areas. While Project Loon still sits in the Google X "moonshots" lab, it got a huge vote of confidence from the nation of Sri Lanka, which announced yesterday it would use Project Loon to cover the island nation with internet. This would make Sri Lanka the first country to have universal internet coverage; the country's relatively small size (just over 25,000 square miles) certainly makes that easier, but it's still a big vote of confidence for Project Loon.
The plan calls for Google to work with Sri Lanka's local internet providers to let them use Project Loon balloons to enhance their service, so it sounds like Project Loon won't be an internet free-for-all for whoever wants it. Individual balloons are slated to be in the air for 100 days at this point, and the company hopes to start launching these balloons by next March. It's worth remembering that Project Loon is only delivering "3G" speeds, so this isn't a network that'll allow for heavy bandwidth activities — but on the other hand, just over 3 million of Sri Lanka's 20 million citizens have any sort of internet access, so Project Loon will significantly change things for a huge part of the country should it launch successfully.

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Austin City Limits Festival Lineup By Day Out Now. via @aclfestival #aclfest #acl15 #ATX

Austin City Limits Music Festival
Lineup-By-Day Out Now!
We’ve got lineups for days (seriously). Here’s the list of who’s playing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of both weekends of the Fest. Can the good times be here already?








Microsoft has quietly released its own Android launcher

Microsoft's relatively new strategy of pushing more apps onto more platforms continues apace with the quiet release of Arrow Launcher Beta: a basic but functional launcher for Android devices. As the name suggests, Arrow Launcher Beta is unfinished, and has been pushed onto the mobile scene with little fanfare, attracting beta-testers via a private Google+ group. (We downloaded a mirror of the launcher via the unofficial site Microsoft News, but doing so doesn't get you the updates accessed by signing up for the beta.)
The launcher itself is pretty straightforward, with a pair of lists on the home screen displaying your most recent and most frequently used apps. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen brings up a customizable list of quick-access apps, as well as some settings and feedback options. Swiping right summons a simple Notes & Reminders page (where you can add tasks and schedule reminders), and swiping left show your most frequent contacts. There's also the option to update your wallpaper daily with images from Bing.

6 Friends Who Will Ruin Your Life - Be careful about who influences you. via @frankmattpowell @RELEVANT

Be careful about who influences you.

“Bad company corrupts good morals,” writes the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15. But the words never applied to me. Or so I thought.

For too long, I allowed the actions of bad friends to influence the man God created me to be. Looking back, I realize my naivety. Paul’s words did apply to me. The truth is, who you choose to spend most of your time with will shape your life.

Your friends can challenge you to achieve things you never imagined. But, if you let them, your friends can also cripple your dreams.

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9 Things To Remember Before You Date An Outgoing Introvert. via @happyhourmama @lifehackorg #datingtips

Lifehack by Jessica Valant 
outgoing introvert
An outgoing introvert is a rare and special creature. We don’t fall into the specific boundaries of extrovert or introvert – we are a unique mixture of the two. While it may take a little extra effort to understand an outgoing introvert, you will find your life changed for the better when you do. We are definitely puzzles worth solving.
Here are 9 things to remember before you date an outgoing introvert.

1. It takes us some time to find the right words

Our introverted side causes us to live in our heads quite a bit. Our extroverted side wants to talk and share feelings. When you combine the two, you get someone who has really important things to say but may need some time to get the words right. Be patient with us and you will be rewarded with true and meaningful conversation.

2. We need a little time to ourselves every day

We enjoy your company and love being around others, but we give so much during these encounters that it drains us. We need some time every day to simply be quiet and recharge. This might mean sitting in the sun for ten minutes or taking a yoga class. Either way, give us that space and don’t take it personally. It has nothing to do with you.

3. We try to cancel plans at the last minute

The extrovert in us wants to socialize and be around others, but the introvert gets nervous and bored at the thought of small talk and awkward conversations. Gently remind us what a good time we will have, and know that we will most likely be the life of the party once we arrive.

4. We have a constant inner dialogue with ourselves

We tend to live in our heads, and are even known to talk to ourselves out loud. We are constantly analyzing the past and planning for the future. It’s not that we aren’t enjoying ourselves or having fun. It is just hard to turn off our inner voice. We want someone who can help us get out of our head and really enjoy the present moment.

5. You can skip the small talk

We want deep and real conversation. We don’t have the patience for small talk or awkward silences. We don’t need your life story in the first date, but get ready to be honest and straightforward and ask interesting questions. If you mention reality tv, the weather, gossip or shopping, don’t expect that call for a second date.

6. Don’t post about our relationship on social media

We are extroverts, so we enjoy the socializing that Facebook and Twitter offer. But remember, we are also introverts, which means we choose to share our lives with just a few very close people. We would much rather receive a heart felt phone call or email from you than see a picture of our first date on Instagram.

7. We want to meet your friends, but not all at once

We want to meet the important people in your life, but only one or two at a time. We become self-conscious in a big group of people we don’t know. We want you to show us off, so please allow us to shine our brightest by saving the introductions for small dinner parties instead of company BBQs.

8. Be ready to take the reigns

Because we appear outgoing and confident on the outside, people often let us make most decisions on our own. This can be exhausting for us. We occasionally just want to be told where we are going to dinner and what time to be ready, without having to plan everything ourselves.

9. We are different from anyone else you have dated

We are confident, beautiful, fun, creative, independent and grounded. We are also self-conscious, questioning, reserved, introspective and searching. We will make you feel like the most important person in the world, and will support your strengths and dreams. We will also need some extra encouragement during our quiet days.
If you are willing to walk the line between the two, you could find the perfect partner for life.
Featured photo credit: Thomas Leuthard via

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