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Lyft Passenger feedback


Apr 10 - 16 ★★★★★   12 ratings
“Great guy, lots of fun and nice conversation. Highly recommend him!”
Mar 13 - 19 ★★★★★   27 ratings
“Great guy!”
“Jay is very positive and friendly. He is a great ambassador for Austin.”
“Clean car. Safe driver, smooth ride. Friendly! Nice tunes!”

Mar 6 - 12 ★★★★★   10 ratings
“very friendly”
“Prompt, courteous, friendly, professional!”

Feb 27 - Mar 5 ★★★★★   19 ratings
“Very talkative!”

Feb 20 - 26 ★★★★★   31 ratings
“Friendly driver and VERY clean car.”
“Jay is awesome. Thanks for the ride!”
“Awesome conversation. Really cool an genuine guy.”
“Smooth drive”
“Felt safe & great conversation”
“Excellent feiendly driver!”
“Very clean car,good driver excellent ride”
“Great conversation! Thanks Jay!”
“Very friendly and helpful driver who doesn't just work for money.”
“Nice to talk to!”
“We love you”

Feb 13 - 19 ★★★★★   35 ratings 
“Very nice guy thank you!”
“he was great chill afff loved him”
“Very nice guy and Respectful driver*****”
“Best lyft driver ive ever had!”
“Fantastic and showed me a lot of cool parts of Austin too!”

Feb 6 - 12 ★★★★★   16 ratings
“Very cool dude :)”

Jan 30 - Feb 5 ★★★★★   5 ratings
“Excellent Ride!”
“Great driver! Awesome person.”

Jan 23 - 29 ★★★★★   10 ratings
“Right to the door and on time”

Jan 16 - 22 ★★★★★   9 ratings

Jan 9 - 15 ★★★★★   3 ratings

Jan 2 - 8 ★★★★★   4 ratings
“So quick and friendly.”

Dec 19 - 25 ★★★★★   7 ratings
“Cool car lights inside dude”

Dec 12 - 18 ★★★★★   3 ratings
“Jay is personable and friendly. Very cool guy & one of the most interesting drivers I've had! Thanks Jay! :)”

Dec 5 - 11 ★★★★★   9 ratings
“Cool dude”
“Awesome. Very nice and polite. Very clean car.”

Nov 28 - Dec 4 ★★★★★   7 ratings
“Jay was very courteous and an awesome driver!”
“Quick and friendly.”

Nov 21 - 27 ★★★★★   18 ratings

Nov 7 - 13 ★★★★★   21 ratings
“Thank you for getting us drunks home safely!”
“Awesome car and great service!”
“Great and friendly driver! Till next time!”
“The best”
“Car smelled like natural lemongrass and not some fake perfume or something. Friendly and smart!”

Oct 31 - Nov 6 ★★★★★   5 ratings
These are just some of the feedback I've received within the last few months. I love reading these comments from my passengers!. I've been driving for Lyft since July of 2014 and I absolutely love it. I don't do it just for the money. I provide a service and at the same time have lots of fun. I meet so many types of people and most of them are really awesome. If you are an open minded person and enjoy driving and meeting people, this is something you can do on the side. It's the best thing I've done in a long time. 

I recommend you take a Lyft ride before you become a driver. Here is $20 towards your first Lyft ride!

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