AndroidSPIN Beer Pong Finally Makes it to the Market! It’s Even in HD

There is certainly no lack of imagination when it comes to people and drinking games. I have built an insane version of the Price Is Rights ‘Plinko‘ game into one of the biggest drinking game successes in my little town. It was so great someone stole it from us. Jerks. No matter what your favorite drinking game is, everyone has played beer pong. It always a huge success. The only downside I have experienced beer pong is the need for the ping pong ball and plastic cups. Often times we forget to pick those up. The inventive will improvise with bouncy balls and other items they can find, but it just doesn’t have the same effect.

Developer Codeglue BV released their Beer Pong HD game towards the end of June. The gaming system is loosely based on the physics from Angry Birds. We are very familiar with how to aim that slingshot. It sports 4 difficulty levels and even adds in the ‘drunken camera’ element.  I must say, if your are a beer pong lover this is a must have for your party going adventures. Check it out below.

Click or Scan the QRCode below to find out more information about the Beer Pong HD. You can also find out info and share the application with your friends on the AndroidSPIN App Site.

Summary and Downloads:

Application: Beer Pong HD
Developer: Codeglue BV
Cost: FREE

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