Taking Great Fireworks Photos on Your Android or iPhone


You may not have your SLR camera with you, but that's no excuse not to take great fireworks shots this Fourth of July.
Smartphone blog Gottabemobile recently detailed several great tips for taking fireworks photos. Here are a few:

Turn off your flash - it's too weak to help and it will annoy the other people who only want flashes from the sky.
Bring a tripod - even a Gorilla Pod or the like is better than trying to hold the phone steady in your hand.
Learn your phone's shutter lag - smartphone cameras are almost always slower than on dedicated digital cameras. Usually you'll have a second or two of delay. Learn to work with this delay to get the best shot.
If your fireworks photos aren't turning out well, just switch to video. The video quality of modern smartphones is good enough to share on YouTube or with your friends.

Also check our our guide to getting better fireworks photos this Fourth of July for more general photo tips.

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