Call me! Text me! Tweet me! How not to get lost at ACL 2011


It’s not always that easy to find your friends in a crowd of 60-thousand-plus people. Trust me, I have tried to do so—with limited success—for years at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. The main reasons: our lack of a plan and our inability to get cell phone signals. With everyone trying to dial into limited capacity networks, signals get jammed and service can be sporadic at best.

Back in the old days, meaning when I was a kid, the best way to find someone was to have a plan. At an amusement park, for example, my dad would say something like, “If we become separated, everyone meet in front of the fountain near the front ticket booth.” Or we’d all just agree to return to the last spot we were together. Good plans didn’t always work; when I was even younger, “Would Mrs. Henderson please come to the customer service counter to claim her daughter?” was heard over the loud speaker at Kmart on more than one occasion.

Today if you’d rather rely solely on modern technology to help you find your fellow music fans, families and friends at ACL 2011, here are some of your options:

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