Facebook and the Inevitable Change ;)


If you ever needed proof that humans are reluctant to change, just slightly adjust their Facebook layout and listen to the complaining.

With the recent updates to the Facebook layout, newsfeed, and mobile application I’m sure you’ve seen the same updates I have:

  • “I want the old Facebook back!”
  • “Facebook is now Stalkerbook”
  • “What is wrong with Facebook, why do they keep changing things?”

Facebook, like any other service, has to change and adapt to bring the latest product features to its consumers. Are these new features really that bad, or is it just our natural aversion to change? Many years ago when the “News Feed” was first introduced everyone complained and said they wanted to the “old Facebook” back. But the “old Facebook” was a newer version of an even “older Facebook.” Only the people at Harvard can really say they want the “Old Facebook” back. The reality is in less than a week, the “new Facebook” will once again feel comfortable and at home. It’s odd that Apple releases almost a completely new version of its products every year to much praise, Facebook makes a slight layout adjustment and is met with a multitude of “Hate” status updates. You’re using Facebook’s new features to talk about Facebook’s new features. Seems like an genius plan to me.

Remember, you don’t pay for Facebook. You have no obligation to Facebook. You can leave when  you want. We all know you won’t be leaving though. That would be too much change.

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