The Falling Man

One of the most haunting images captured from 9/11, it shows a man free-falling after he has jumped from one of the windows of North Tower. He was one of the people they call “Jumpers”, who chose to jump to their death rather than get suffocated by the smoke or get buried under the rubble. Some called them cowards, while some sensationalized them as tragic symbols of 9/11. But the fact of the matter is, it was a hard choice for anyone to make, and one can not really judge the decisions a person makes in times like these.

People, you rant so much about how you have a hard time making choices. Whether you should work on your assignment or go out with your friends. Whether you should date this guy or that guy. Whether you should break up with your boyfriend or not. Whether you should wear the pink blouse or the baby blue one. Imagine the choice this man had to make.

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