Jay Jayasuriya
I.T. Director at Lifeline Aquatics Inc.

My technical acumen, business and customer service related background of employment and ability to diffuse the tensions of stressed end-users has to contribute to effective communication, problem analysis, and technical resolutions from common to complex in nature. I like working for a good company that takes care of their employees and treats them with respect. I expect to have the opportunity to perform my job and to receive evaluations on not only the positive points, but also the negative points so that I can improve in my position if there are deficiencies. Hopefully my performance will be recognized and I will be able to excel in my career.

Vizualize.Me is a website that will enable users to turn their resume into visual data, like infographics, graphs and pictures, transforming the way prospective employees can show off their skills and experience to businesses.

The soon-to-be-launched site lets users sign in with their LinkedIn profile and turn it into a visual presentation of the information. The start-up announced itself at Startup Weekend Toronto a few days ago, where it was awarded the top prize. In its first 12 hours, it received 10,000 views and 1000 sign-ups to the invite list for the launch.

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