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Apple unveils iPhone 4S, but why no iPhone 5 and when will the iPhone 5 be released?

Apple has unveiled the new iPhone 4S, as expected. But there was no iPhone 5, and inevitably this has led many people to be disappointed. So what happened? Why no iPhone 5?

It’s worth noting that Apple never said that the iPhone 5 would be unveiled today. But the rumour mill assumed that the iPhone 5 would be along because it has been so long since the iPhone 4 was released.

New Apple CEO Tim Cook will have wanted to make a splash. Instead, there is a sense that despite all the anticipation, Apple might have dropped the ball here. No matter how impressive the iPhone 4 is (and it is quite impressive), many articles are leading with the no-show of the iPhone 5.

So when will the iPhone 5 be released? Who knows? It’s likely to be not until early next year, which means the whole of 2011 will have passed without a proper new iPhone. Will the Apple fever be even stronger when the iPhone 5 is released? Or will fatigue have set in? (http://100gf.wordpress.com)

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