Mind your Bs, Ns, and Gs as we break down the ABCs (and many Ws) of Wi-Fi


The popularity of home networks has increased dramatically over the last decade, a phenomenon which can be directly attributed to the increase in broadband availability, but credit is also due to the accessibility that Wi-Fi provides to consumers. Not only are Wi-Fi products easy to configure and relatively inexpensive to implement, but many home computing devices have wireless radios pre-installed.

While connecting to a wireless network can be as simple as a few button presses or taps, there is a lot that goes into making the bits magically travel through the ether. We’re going to take a look at some of the building blocks that go into making your wireless network stable and fast, with an eye toward security and standards. We’ll also cover some of the devices that can improve your wireless network and ways you can use your Wi-Fi while away from home.

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