Google+ Business & Brand Pages are Here!

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Google is finally starting to let businesses set up shop on its Google+ social network. Have you created your Google+ page yet? 

Finally after over four months, Google+ has announced Business and Brand pages. After months of users questioning when business’s will be allowed to create their own place on the new social network, Google has pleased them all. Users who are affiliated with a company or brand will soon be permitted to create a page at the following Several companies have already created pages which launched today, which include, but are not limited to, PepsiToyota,  Fox News, and Macy’s.

From the start, it appears that Brands and Business pages are set up similarly to those of regular user accounts.  The only differences noticeable immediate are that users can +1 a page, as well as share a page.  Users who add a page to their circles are also now considered “Followers,” of that brand or company.  Google has also announced “Direct Connect,” with Google+ within their search results.  According to Google, the new feature will work as follows:

  • “Maybe you’re watching a movie trailer, or you just heard that your favorite band is coming to town. In both cases you want to connect with them right now, and Direct Connect makes it easy—even automatic. Just go to Google and search for [+], followed by the page you’re interested in (like +Angry Birds). We’ll take you to their Google+ page, and if you want, we’ll add them to your circles.
    Direct Connect works for a limited number of pages today (like +Google, +Pepsi, and +Toyota), but many more are coming.”

Clearly this will be a shot in the arm for Google+, as companies and brands begin engaging with their consumers.  It will also be interesting to see what additional features are made available in the future to business’s on Google+

Here is how to set it up:

 Here is a quick video detailing the latest addition of Brands to Google+ (content credit: PlusHeadlines.Com)

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