How much money can you save by bringing your lunch to work?

A simple way you can save money each week is by bringing your lunch to work instead of going out to eat. Bringing your lunch everyday instead of eating out will save money — that’s a common known fact. By choosing to pack a lunch at home you will spend less money dining out and will quickly see savings accruing just by changing how much you pay for one meal every day. Bringing your lunch to work will also save you time as you will not have to drive or walk to a destination to purchase your lunch. By not driving to lunch, you will save money on gas. You can still enjoy your lunch break outside the office and choose to walk to an outdoor spot to eat giving you more time to relax during your lunch break.

Think about how much you spend buying your lunch 5 days a week for a whole year. If you spend a meager $5 a day you will have spent somewhere in the nature of $1300 a year.

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