What To Do if Phone Gets Water Damage?!?


*note this may not work for all but has been proven to work for many...

1. Do not turn your device on. Turn it off. Any attempt to use it with water inside the device will cause permanent electrical damage.

2. If the battery can be removed do so now.

3. If the device was exposed with salt water lightly rinse with distilled water (careful not to over do it here and to not trip your moisture indicator on your phone). The key here is to get the corrosive salt out. It is assumed your moisture indicator has already been tripped if your in this situation. A tripped moisture indicator indicates a voided warranty for most carriers.

4. Place enough uncooked white rice in a sealable container, tupperware, to bury your device with at least an inch of rice under and over your device. Given the level of severity to the water damage to your phone you can use the following scale to determine how long to seal your device in rice. On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being slightly exposed to water and 5 being phone completely submerged for a period of time add 12 hours per scale. 1 requiring 12 hours in rice with 5 requiring 2 1/2 days in rice.

5. If possible place your container in a warm place, preferably near a window with most of the exposure to sun. Do not apply direct heat. I've heard of people placing their phones in ovens - DO NOT DO THIS!

6. Remove your phone after the allotted period of time and hope for the best.

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