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Enjoy these photography tips for capturing great smiles of children!
As a mother of a 3.5 year old, ‘spirited’ little girl, I sure get my fair share of cheese when taking photos. And I am not talking about the edible kind.
My daughter merely needs to see my camera and she produces this ‘smile’ (I use the term loosely) that looks like a toothy underbite that rivals Bruce Springsteen. Her eyes literally disappear into her head and take the form of slits. Not what I really want to remember years from now.
As a children’s photographer, I deal with this ‘smile’ on a nearly daily basis. It’s a pressure cooker when that cheesy smile arises at a session, especially for Mom who is witnessing it because, let’s face it, she is paying for this cheese and is not too happy about it.
It’s not their fault… what would you do if someone told you to smile? Try it. SMILE. Feel fake? Sure it does! The only way to combat a phony smile is to actually make the child smile naturally.
(Don’t) Say Cheese!

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