The first cell phone powered by an AA battery

It was bound to happen sooner or later. A cell phone that runs on one AA battery.
Introduced here at the Consumer Electronics Show, the new SpareOne handset promises up to ten hours of emergency talk time from a single AA battery.
The idea here is a GSM phone that's always ready to allow you to make calls – once you add a SIM card and a fresh battery.
In emergencies, SpareOne has a built in flashlight and the ability to automatically transmit its location via the cell ID.
During situations when AC power is suspect, a device like this could help the user make a voice call.
Or, when traveling, an inexpensive phone to buy, quickly set-up and use in foreign countries.
Different versions – for the Unites States, Europe and Asia – will be available with WCDMA frequency options for selected regions.
SpareOne phones will be sold packaged with an Energizer Lithium (very long life and up to 15 years of standby power) AA battery and one of those tiny, micro-SIM cards for less than $50.

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