Peavey Builds An Auto-Tuning Guitar

Guitar-maker Peavey has teamed up with audio electronics experts Anteres to create an auto-tuning guitar. While these things aren’t new – Gibson has had robotic tuners for a while – this system is unique in that it senses and corrects the pitch of the strings regardless of tuning, which means you can do all sorts of interesting tricks with vibrato even in what would amount to be an untuned guitar.
Peavy describes it thus:
The Peavey AT-200 guitar with the Antares Solid-Tune™ intonation system constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and electronically makes any corrections necessary to ensure that every note of every chord and riff is always in tune, regardless of variables like finger position or pressure.
The guitar is physically no different from any other electric except for an upgradable module to handle tuning. While you probably still have to tune this guitar a little, once it is set up you can change quite a bit about it programmatically, reducing the need to fiddle with machine heads during your

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