Tablet owners are starting to discover work benefits [infographic]@TabTimes

Staples, the leading stationary supplier, has published a new infographic which suggests that tablet owners are finding work and mobile benefits from their devices.
The infographic shows that most tablet users have 10-inch slates, and use them for approximately 90 minutes each day. This usage is typically when out on the road (88.3%), although a surprising 35% of surveyed respondents admitted to using their tablets when in the bathroom.
The research reveals that an impressive 80% of tablet users think their devices have helped to improve their work/life balance, and finds that 25% of the surveyed users now read less printed material than before.
As shown below, the infographic also reveals that that 54% of tablet owners are 34 years old or older, says that the average user spend around $34 on tablet apps and claims that there will be 82.1 million tablet users in the United States by 2015.

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