#Jobs That Could #Kill You - Dangerous Careers

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Could your job kill you?

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Jobs That Could Kill You

Risky jobs are worth it for those paychecks, right? Actually, a lot of them pay less than you'd think. Check out some of the deadliest jobs with the least monetary reward for your risk, and get a glimpse of some of the best-paying ones, too!

There were 4,547 fatal workplace injuries in the United States in 2010. 9% were caused by exposure to harmful substances or environments. 16% were caused by contact with objects and equipment. 18% were caused by assaults and violent acts. 39% were caused by transportation incidents. 4% were caused by fires and explosions. 14% were caused by falls.

92% of workers killed on the job were male. But women were more likely than men to be killed in a highway accident.

Workers 65 and older are 3 times more likely than average to die at work.

Deadliest Low Paying Jobs

10. Traveling Sales Workers / Truck Drivers
9. Pilots/Flight Engineers
8. Farmers/Ranchers
7. Coal Miners
6. Roofers
5. Garbage/Recycling Collectors
4. Crop Workers
3. Quarry/Explosives Workers and Derrick Operators
2. Loggers
1. Fisherman

Safest Jobs

5. Servers
4. Food Preparers
3. Librarians
2. Secretaries
1. Miscellaneous Sales


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