Annual Christmas Program - SriLankan/American Rosary Group of Austin

Christmas program

Date: December 19th 2015
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church - Austin, TX (Parish hall)
This year our Christmas rosary will be held at St Vincent de Paul church’s parish hall, and to celebrate Denzel’s farewell.
Appreciate if all Fatima Group members could attend the Saturday 5:00 pm mass at St Vincent de Paul church, will help us start the rosary on time, (volunteers are welcome to decorate the hall Saturday morning around 10:00 am).
Please email or Call Kumari/Raju 512-919-6960, or Leroy 512-996-9937 to confirm the dish that you plan to bring (estimated number on participants are around 80 packs - including Fatima group members), understand, it’s hard to cook for 80 but let us know what you bring to plan the quantity.
Please bring a gift wrapped (could be an ornament / some home or kitchen item) price range under $20.00, PLESE DO NOT WRITE ANY NAMES. Also if you wish to bring a gift for you child make sure to write your child’s name on it, Santa can give it.
If you have any invitees feel free to invite but you will need to inform Leroy/vino or Raju/Kumari before December 10th 2015.

Below is the tentative program, Please feel free to share your comments and ideas to finalize the program.
Program will be
7:00 - Start the rosary or we can start at 6:30
7:45 – Farwell to Denzel
8: 00 – Carols
8: 15 Santa Claus arrival
8: 45 Gift exchange (White Elephant game)
9: 00 Dinner/Music
Dinner Menu
Fried Rice
White Rice
Chicken Curry
Pork Curry
Potato Tempered
Batu moju
Dhal Curry
Any meat
Chivas Regal
Black Label
Soft drinks
*If you haven't told us what you are bringing, let us know via e-mail as soon as possible.
SriLankan/American Rosary Group of Austin on facebook.
A photo posted by Jay Jayasuriya (@jayjayasuriya) on

A photo posted by Jay Jayasuriya (@jayjayasuriya) on

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