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The last few years have been an especially exciting time for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), commonly known as drones. Today, drones are generating new opportunities around the world for business, government, nonprofit, educational and recreational use. Drones also assist first responders, make hazardous jobs safer, let people take stunning photos and inspire our children to get involved with science and technology.

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has opened the skies to safe and responsible drone flight with a series of common-sense drone regulations. However, many cities, counties and states have considered additional regulations that are inconsistent or impractical – and in some cases directly in conflict with FAA rules.

This is why it’s important that your elected officials hear how drones are safe, fun and educational. And responsible drone pilots like you are the best people to deliver that message.

To that end, we helped start the Network of Drone Enthusiasts (NODE), a new grassroots group dedicated to representing the interests of responsible drone pilots across the United States and Canada. And to give affiliated drone organizations a united voice to collaborate with local legislators on developing reasonable and effective drone regulations that encourage drone use while protecting public safety.

 Visit NODE Campaign Website

A modest investment of your time will be invaluable in protecting your rights and the rights of fellow drone owners and pilots.

Join the Network of Drone Enthusiasts today by:
  • Signing up here on the website. It only takes 30 seconds! 
  • Following NODE’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for the latest news.
  • Spreading the word about NODE, with friends and fellow enthusiasts across the country. 

All drone pilots and fans, from do-it-yourself drone kit owners to commercial operators, are welcome to join this grassroots movement. Through the website, Facebook and Twitter pages, NODE members can bring local drone proposals to the attention of a national network of UAS experts, who can provide guidance on explaining the benefits of drones and their admirable safety record to local elected officials. In addition, NODE’s website will track proposed drone regulations around the country, making it easy for concerned pilots to get involved and tap into a larger pool of supporters to ensure they can work productively and effectively with their elected officials.

Together, we can ensure that public safety is a priority and protect the rights of drone owners and pilots. Thanks again for your willingness to stand up and be counted. 


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