A Mistycal Night

Highlights from "A Mistycal Night" in Houston. 

Check out the official event web page HERE.

See photos from the event via this Facebook Album.

 A Mistycal Night in Houston Texas Facebook Photo Album by @JayJayasuriya Productions

Revive to Survive was founded with the following missions:

  • Promote participation of youth in volunteerism.
  • Raise awareness of the difficulties faced by families due to poverty and chronic illnesses.
  • Fundraise through projects aimed at providing medicines, medical supplies /equipment and other necessities.
  • Promote patient mental and physical welfare with emphasis on hospice.
  • Facilitate education and exchange of knowledge.
  • Fundraise for humanitarian causes and natural disasters.

Current Projects:

Enhance for a Chance   (click here for details)

  • Delivering medication and meeting other needs of pediatric patients at the National Cancer Institute in Sri Lanka
    In Sri Lanka, over 4,000 people die of cancer every year. Another 18,000 new cases are diagnosed annually. Six thousand of those diagnosed will die within a year. One in every ten deaths is caused by cancer, and it carries a very high mortality.
    The treatments and drugs that are required for cancer patients are very expensive in Sri Lanka. At times, all the required medications are not available to the patients due to limitations in the government health care budget. During these times, the burden of buying vital medication is placed on the patients and their families. Many of these patients are from poor socioeconomic backgrounds, and they cannot afford the drugs; many families cannot even afford bus fare to the hospital. When a drug is not available to a patient, the patient's life is at risk.
    This founding project of Revive to Survive will raise awareness of this need and raise funds to help these patients. 

 Learn more about Revive To Survive HERE.

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