Difference between a Wedding Highlight REEL vs Long REEL (Documentary)

A wedding highlight reel and a documentary are two distinct styles of wedding video production, each with its own unique features and objectives.

Wedding Highlight REEL :

A wedding highlight reel is a short, cinematic-style video that typically runs between 3 to 7 minutes in length. Its main purpose is to capture the essence and emotion of the wedding day by showcasing the most memorable moments, including the ceremony, reception, and other key events. A highlight reel often uses creative editing techniques, background music, and storytelling to create a fast-paced, engaging, and entertaining video that can be easily shared with friends and family on social media platforms.

Examples :

Kari + Jonathan : https://vimeo.com/unityreel/kariandjonathan

Maddie + Sam : https://vimeo.com/unityreel/maddieandsam

Alexis + Misael : https://vimeo.com/unityreel/alexisandmisael

Wedding Long REEL (Documentary Style) :

A wedding documentary, on the other hand, is a longer and more comprehensive video that provides a chronological and detailed account of the entire wedding day. This style typically includes full-length recordings of the ceremony, speeches, first dance, and other important moments. A wedding documentary can range from 1 to 3 hours or more, depending on the length of the events captured. The editing is usually more straightforward and less stylized than a highlight reel, focusing on accurately portraying the day's events and preserving the memories for the couple and their families.

Examples :

Charlotte + Riley : https://vimeo.com/unityreel/charlotteandriley

Chi + Ali : https://vimeo.com/unityreel/chiandali

Rekha + Jatin : https://vimeo.com/unityreel/rekhaandjatin

Olivia + Christian : https://vimeo.com/unityreel/oliviaandchristian (Ceremony REEL)

In summary, a wedding highlight reel is a short, artistic, and cinematic representation of the wedding day, while a wedding documentary is a longer, more detailed account of the entire event. Couples may choose one or both styles, depending on their preferences and the purpose of the video.

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